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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Response continues to be the bulk of the work done by our responders. Over 70% of the alarms that Fire District No.1 responds are medical. Theses medical alarms range from Basic Life Support, (BLS) in which the medic provides basic support and monitoring, to Advanced Life Support (ALS) which can include medical advanced medical procedures and the administration of medications. Fire District No. 1 staffs their ambulances with two or three people depending on the station. A typical response to an ALS medical alarm includes an ambulance and a fire engine. In areas covered by a three person ambulance, just the ambulance is sent, and if needed, they will call for a fire engine to assist. Further, depending on the details received from the dispatcher, often a two person ambulance will handle the alarm and cancel the fire engine response.

We have a solid training program that ensures that all new employees knowledge, skills, and abilities meet Fire District No. 1 standards. We often provide a learning environment for students enrolled in an outside Paramedic program to perform their internships with Fire District No. 1.

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We provide ambulance service to 490 sq. miles

EMS accounts for over 70% of our call volume

Operation Prom Night

A typical response to an ALS call