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Fire District No. 1 dedicates approximately 80% of its general fund budget to the Operations Division. Operations is the single largest division in Fire District No. 1 and is responsible for the delivery of all emergency services. The Operations Chief supervises this division and is responsible to provide administrative support to include adequate staffing and maintain the facilities, apparatus, and equipment associated with providing emergency response.

The Operations division is staffed with 54 personnel, divided into three shifts. The three shifts (A-Shift, B-Shift, and C-Shift) are responsible for providing 24/7 emergency response. Each of the three shifts is supervised by a Battalion Chief who coordinates the daily activities of the shift (training, maintenance, projects, etc.). The Battalion Chief also responds as the incident commander to emergencies requiring a response of more than three apparatus.

Our fire stations are strategically located throughout the community to provide for a timely response to emergencies. Crews respond to approximately 7,000 calls per year with a 6% average increase per year. (view statistics), which averages around 19 calls per day. Depending on the type of call, multiple apparatus and stations may be dispatched to the same call. For example, a residential structure fire response includes four engines and a Battalion Chief.

Typical calls for service include:

  • Fire – Structure, vehicle, wildland, outdoor burn complaint
  • Rescue – All types of industrial accidents, motor vehicle accidents, building collapse, water rescue, confined space rescue
  • Hazardous Materials – First response and specialized technician level response to chemical spills
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Response and Transport
  • Emergent ALS and BLS Inter-facility Transport/Transfer to other hospitals in Oregon
  • Other - weather related events, public service assistance, hazardous conditions, unauthorized burning

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Vehicle Extrication

Wildland Fire

Vehicle Fire

Water Rescue